Contingent Agencies

Contingent Agencies is an artistic research project initiated by Alex Arteaga and Nikolas Gansterer, conceived as an inquiry into the subtle, dynamic, complex and enveloping presences that emerge in given situations for those who inhabit them. These presences are denominated with terms such as “Stimmungen,” “moods,” or even “places” or “figures.” In this project we favor the words “atmospheres” and “environments.”

Video Stills: Jack Hauser

More particularly, this project investigates the specific ways in which the actualization of the agencies of single components of a situation (from light to animals, from artifacts to sounds, from matter to vegetation, from traffic to color, …) conditions the emergence of these all-over and senseful presences. read more.

Notation & Reflection

Video Stills: Jack Hauser


Co-Notation with Mika Elo. Photos: Sabina Holze!

Public moment, captured by Jack Hauser: Inthemood#9

Lecture by Tim Ingold
Lecture by Lambros Malafouris
Lecture by Erin Manning
Lecture by Gerhard Dirmoser
Closing Panel