which dances

which dances – a choreographic assemblage
Sabina Holzer in collaboration with Jack Hauser, and Alix Eynaud, Elisabeth Schäfer, Brigitte Wilfing, Thomas Wagensommerer.

There are scientists who say that we live in the Age of Aluminum. If we look around us, we can only agree. We are surrounded by aluminum objects: a material, that transports us through the world and is contained in all kinds of food, cosmetics and medicines.
which dances – a choreographic assemblage speculates with the material, takes up ecological contexts and throws itself into a poetry of living together, a community to come, in which different nature-cultures meet. Following the need for solidary action, we feel the need explore transversal alliances. which dances – a choreographic assemblage is science & fiction, performance & exhibition and asks the future to dance

Photo: Louise Linsenbolz, 2021

Photo: Jack Hauser, 2021
Videostill by Jack Hauser, 2021