A Choreographic Research
By and with Sabina Holzer

fluvial is a choreographic research that deals with the interaction between human and non-human bodies, specifically between human bodies and their environment. Environment here is: all living things, elements, minerals, organisms as well as their phenomena and cultural imaginaries. It exercises an anticipated exposure to a community to come and a critical, feminist engagement with the Anthropocene

With fluvial, I want to draw attention to fluids and address the question of how dance can be experienced as a regenerative, relational and indicative practice for everyone. I want to raise the awareness of existential, fragile, multiple communities and ecologies of our coexistences through the dancing body in a playful and sustainable way.

fluvial relates the study of the fluids of the human body to the rivers and streams of Vienna. Through the exploration of bodily fluids and their bodily-spiritual connections, specific patterns and qualities of movement emerge. The exploration of the different places and landscapes of the rivers and streams in Vienna puts the physical research into an expanded context.

The movement qualities and patterns are brought to the different places and – in this encounter – into exchange.

What functions, necessities and imaginaries become clearer through the exploration of places? What images can be evoked and formed that – transposed onto the human body – become experiences? Through this combination of concrete information, bodily poetry and cultural imaginative, a series of texts and scores are developed as potential performative instructions for action. They support the sensation of the perception of the individual in relation to the environment and thus as part of the biosphere that is our earth.

fluvial is supported with a research grant by the City of Vienna for 2022.
It is realized in cooperation with the Volkskunde Museum and various dialogue partners:
Jack Hauser (Artist), Elisabeth Schäfer (Philospher), Sabine Grupe (Head of the WGM Technical Office for Geology), Nurit Sommer (Cultural and social anthropologist, body therapist, movement teacher), Herbert Justnik (curator, cultural scientist) Lito Walkey (Artist), Alix Eynaudi (Artist).

During 2022 different workshops and research presentations are planned.