which zones

Photos: Sebastian Bechinger

In this exploration of aluminum and aluminum worlds, aluminum worlding, we approach a hallucination of a dance. An h-alu-dance that could lead us streamlined into an accelerated, metallic future. But: how can the inscriptions of this metal be danced with? How do they connect with our actions? How do they give rise to movements between life and death?
We witness hissing sounds, sparkling lights, weightless mobility; we want to treasure the beauty of the material; the intelligence of the soil; the earth from which it comes. We are in search of other patterns of perception: landscapes are bodies, they condense time, they are flesh around haunted voids. They ask: How can we haul a life in the Anthropocene and beyond? We answer: In what ways do we know when we walk on broken and exploited soils?
The spine is a snake that seeks other companions. Sisterhood asks for regenerative practices and sustainability; about ways we can relate to each other. Perhaps plants will show us the way as our fingers move like the roots of trees and other beings. We share fragments of ancient myths for the future. Writing is inseparable from our existence. By sharing our myriad of imprints, we try to translate them. We touch to read. And we dance in an attempt to transform ourselves into a crackpot of mystery and intricate care. (Written in the precious company of Alix Eynaudi, Elisabeth Schäfer, Mimi Sheller and Medusa)  

Artistic direction, concept, performance: Aluminum
Concept, space, performance: Sabina Holzer
Text, performance: Elisabeth Schäfer
Concept, space, video: Jack Hauser
Choreographic accompaniment: Alix Eynaudi
Sound: Thomas Wagensommerer
Compositional accompaniment: Brigitte Wilfing
Production: mollusca productions