Irma Vep

in public spaces, exhibitions, and theaters

She was the figure of the fantastic and sinister, a mysterious shadow;
– the female pendant to Fantômas: Irma Vep performed by Musidora.

She appeared for the first time in 1914 in the crime series of Louis Feuillades „Les Vampires“. As „femme nouvelle“ she was tracking her specific line throughout the different definitions of class and gender. She was called „the 10th muse“ by the Surrealists and till today Irma Vep has remained a transformable complex phenomenon, leading her own life as inspiration for various pulp-fiction heroes. The essence of (black) mummery, disguise, and masquerade pervades our sociopolitical everyday lives in a fascinating and disquieting way.

Videodances & Performances:
Let’s dream together (with shadow)
Video: Jack Hauser. Performance: Agnes Schneidewind & Sabina Holzer


Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, and Anton Tichawa exhibit the relationship between object, subject, and trauma as a mini-party jumping out of the wall with this situational installation @ eindorf

Hütte der Wohnung Mryam van Doren

Video: Jack Hauser. Performance: Sabina Holzer as Irma Vep
Warm thank you to Edith Krapf

Das S
chloss (wie ein Blatt im Wind)
Video: Jack Hauser, Performance: Sabina Holzer as Irma Vep

écriture continued @ Günther Domenig House
écriture II
écriture III
écriture IV -VI
écriture VII


Irma Vep: Waldenken.
Concept & Photos: Jack Hauser, Drosendorf, 2015.

Secret Service 2.1: Rayonnement

Secret Service 2.1: Rayonnement shows in the light of the pictures from the apartment Miryam van Doren with 2 additions / boxes a continued Planetary performance with Thomas Ballhausen, Ambrose Chase, David Ender, Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer & Inge Kaindlstorfer at the Lentos Art Museum

TENNIS (1966) Presque Rien No: 0

Irma Vep aka Sabina Holzer as a fictionaut is re / visiting Luc Ferrari’s Almost Nothing (Presque Rien).
Befuddled with Antonioni’s movie BLOW UP, Fan / Thomas watches her action inside a mimed tennis match. S / he is drawn into it again, picks up the imaginary ball and throws it back to the movie. While s / he is watching the move, the sound of the movie being played is heard. S / he is watching this mimed match alone on the lawn while our imagination doesn’t fade away until The End.
Video: Jack Hauser







Irma Vep als Blade Runner


Irma Vep & Paul Sernine: Walk.
Concept: Jack Hauser.
Photos: David Bergé,
Lentos Museum of Modern Art, 2008.


TRIBUTE TO IRMA VEP – a dance is a homage to the figure of Irma Vep, centering around a movement sequence.Irma Vep embodies the irrational and the necessity of a poetry which intervenes, changes and transforms in connection with dance – a practice following rules of its own.

The sequence deals with movement as trance, as a possibility of transformation and the dissolution of identity. Improvisations with music by the North African Sufi musicians Joujouka were used to create a sequence of positions blending into each other, meditative miniatures – little negotiations with the phenomenon of the material – which lead to peculiar, even grotesque leaps.

TRIBUTE TO IRMA VEPa dance is an intervention, which never can take place in a previously existing stage situation. The space is constructed, constituted and then taken over by means of movement. A sound document from a session with the musician Martin Siewert mixed with field recordings by the Master Musicians of Joujoukaby Jack Hauser permeate the space.For: that which was secluded by a rite can be returned to the profane sphere by another rite.

Concept and Choreografy: Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer
Performance: Sabina Holzer
Sound: Martin Siewert, Jack Hauser
Supported by: Stadt Wien/Kultur, bmu:kk & Tanzquartier Wien

Tribute to Irma Vep (part one)
Tribute to Irma Vep (part two)

was developed as a part of LIVE – a fictionautic Intervention. It
took the aspect of traveling as a basic notion to rehearse and perform. It was realized during a journey to Morocco and the Souh of Spain by Jack Hauser and Sabina Holzer in 2006.

Tribute to Irma Vep
Choreography and Performance: Sabina Holzer.
Concept: Jack Hauser
Photos: David Bergé,
Lentos Museum of Modern Art, 2008.


* COUP (Intervention) „DIE HOFBURG TANZT“ curated by TQW | June ’09
* MITOSE (Performative Installation) elffriede, Sabina Holzer, Sabine Maier | Private Univercity Sigmund Freud Vienna, ‘09
* Crossbreeds WUK Vienna ’09
* SPURENSUCHE CODE IRMA VEP (Performance) Thomas Ballhausen, Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer | WUK ’08
* Irma Vep (Performance) Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer | Strobl‘ ’07
* HEIMLICHES HALLELUJA (Intervention) Concept: Jack Hauser, Performance: Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, Anton Tichawa | Tanzquartier Wien ’07
* Qui? Quoi? Quand? Où? (Intervention) Concept Jack Hauser, Performance: Jach Hauser , Sabina Holzer | Tanzquartier Wien ’07