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MIND THE MYSTERIES | Yoga Morning Practice
Open Level
Every Tuesday, 9.30 – 10.45
15th of Jan. 2010 – 26th of March
With elements of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga we train the deep muscles (pelvic floor, psoas, lower back) to strengthen the body’s support. Essential to this form of yoga is the movement of the wave, for an efficient release of tension, which we support with a  fierce bonfire breath. We will work on unfolding the different positions mindfully and specifically. By connecting with the support of the ground, we build up strength and open lower back and hips to rise and shine in our capacities as we transform and develop on all levels.


Photo: Franzi Kreis

Morning Training

Advanced Level
Every Thursday, 9.30. – 10.30
15th of Jan. – 28th of Feb. 2019
I prepared some new elements to build up strength and good energy to carry us through the winter and prepare for spring. We will connect the heart with our core and look for ways to open the shoulder and neck regions to support our grounding and growing!

Tanzquartier Wien

* Fierce & Fabolous | Morning Training
Advanced Level
Tanzquartier Wien
Autumn 2018

* Nourish Your Nature | Morning Practice
Open Level
Autumn 2018

* Taller Creando Documentos (Workshop Creating documents)
Bertha Bermudez, Sabina Holzer, Anouk Llaurens, Maite Bermúdez
Auditorio de Barañáin (Calle Comunidad de Navarra, 2, 31010 Barañáin)
Pamplona, 2018

MIND THE DANCE LAB (Workshop) Sabina Holzer & Annouk LLaurens,
ImPulsTanz Vienna, 2018
e-publication: MIND THE DANCE

* Reflex Residency (Mentoring) as part of Reflex Research Team;
ImPulsTanz Vienna, 2018

* You are here (Lecture) Bodies as realities & realities as bodies
Sabina Holzer, Agnese Krivade, Angela Stoecklin, Rayen Mitrovich Paniagua

ImPulsTanz Vienna, 2018

* MIND THE DANCE: An introductory *short* lab,Tanzquartier Wien, 2018

* Scratching the Script, Tanzquartier Vienna, Spring 2018

* Balance – Mixed Abilities, assisting Inge Kaindlstorfer | LuxFlux, Spring, 2018

Mixed Abilities Dances – Schoolproject