From Septemer till December 2021 I do not have time for own curses, but I jump with my Core Strenth Vinyasa Yoga @ YogaKula
and give Private Classes. Give me a sign and tell me what you need: cattravels@silverserver.at

15th of Nov. – 21st of Dec. 2021

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga at SEAD
(Salzburg Experiemental Academy for Dance)


Public Moves ImPulsTanz:
19. & 23.07.2021
Care & Dare:

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga @ YogaKula

Bösendorferstraße 9/3
1010 Wien
+43 1 504 64 15

As a dancer and performer, yoga has always been part of my training. It has helped me to clarify my sensations and to perceive & ground myself in my physical structure. For me, yoga is the most efficient way to connect body and mind, to be aware of the present moment and to choose how you live it. My practice is connected to my love of dance and transformation. Humour and playfulness are essential for me in realting to my body.

I was introduced to Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga by Sadie Nardini while having a meniscus injury. Through her special attention of how we go into the positions („every transition, every moment is a mindful pose“), I learned a whole new way of strength and lightness and was able to stabilise my knee.

I have been sharing my practice for 6 years in various contexts: such as Im_flieger – platform for artists, Tanzquatier Wien, ImPulsTanz / public moves and SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and many more occaisions.

I really love to connect my Yoga experiences to SIB – Systemic Integrative Movement Theory® (SIB), which is an extended form of Moshe Feldenkrais‘ Functional Integration, which I also give as individual treatments. It is exciting to combine the strengthening Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with this deep somatic approach and to listen and respond to the different moods of the body.