the movement of the sea writing.

to move the writing
being moved by the sea
the sea born
the school of waters
in the body
will be sensation of duration
will dare

female flexibility like fairies
of forgiving
skins (layers)
waves (presence)

                                                                       the presence is a
in that sea of darkness

darkness mesmerizing
de-still murmurs
distillation of tempos
with lasting touch
the human subject
is demolished
without fear

this crazy mess of complexity
meandering mermaids
the dragons
we do love monsters, don’t we?
their leaking, linking, lingering
listening and loving
forgetfulness – lines of sense, lines
of words waving flows of wonder
wave flow wonder
decause surface tensions
your face
is carried at this place of contact
to enter and welcome the tides
the middle tide
the long tide

this will be a practice of poetic duration
an extended contact with deep sea
not many words are necessary
that what is forgotten stays
any way
in some way

as the sea
we found the stubborn devotion
to say: where we can, we shall hope
we found it in a million
and disasters
the water carries
the water heals
spills through tensions to reveal the
for two different communities to
(this poem was created in a writing-repsonds-session with Litó Walkey and a poem by Amanda Gordan, 0722sh)