i wanted to settle in another place but then

i wanted to settle in another place but then
sitting under the trees close
to the river

the shape of the stones
fit my bum perfectly gives my sitting
a direction

same riverbed with
different waters memories mingling
me mories me mortes me mournings

all these different
entities identities floating
through the river my body
to trace them with my writing sun

and shadows of leaves mix with
different currents in
circle waves

even the stones under
water change their appearance when
touched by the waves
bright and blue sky

water green as young summer trees
maybe unborn
branches and folded leaves are slumbering
in the river bed maybe
my morning

old skin looks like
the surface of the water caressed by
the wind one day
wrinkled streams gathering in hidden


my skin already looks
like this in some parts in some
of insomnia

uh i nearly killed a ladybug she landed softly on the back of my shoulder i just felt some tickles and imagined a big insect ready to bit me i brushed it away much too fiercely now i see it is a sweet ladybug who came to visit she is injured and crawls my leg upwards with a dislocated wing i feel sorry and stupid not even here in this peaceful moment i am not used to co-exist with other species although I would like so much so much to learn