Die Unbändigen

Choreography of a band as improbable community. With Jack Hauser, Satu Herrala, Sabina Holzer, Jeroen Peeters. Meetings. Videos & Texts.

Art Ensemble of Chicago, Christian Marclay,
Sun Ra & his intergalactic solar research arkestra,
John Zorn & Mike Patton

DIE UNBÄNDIGEN is a collaborative, transmedial performance project, guided by a collective. It departs from the need and concern to develop and explore alternative modes of living and producing through making something together.

Jack Hauser: Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Musician (A)
Satu Herrala: Choreographer, Performer (F/A)
Sabina Holzer: Choreographer, Performer, Writer (A)
Jeroen Peeters: Writer, Performer, Musician (B)

Collage by Jeroen Peeters

Premiere: 30th Nov. Tanzquartier Vienna / Halle G and 1st Dec. 2012
Production: cattravelsnotalone
Co-produced by Tanzquartier Vienna

With the friendly support of: Wien Kultur, Im_flieger, ImPulsTanz Vienna,
bains connective, Sarma, WorkSpaceBrussels, mumbling fish, di.d / liz king
DIE UNBÄNDIGEN are thankful for the dramaturgical encounter with Jennifer Lacey.

Jack Hauser, Satu Herrala, Sabina Holzer and Jeroen Peeters encounter one another with and through their diverse artistic, medial and discursive practices and backgrounds. As if they were a band, DIE UNBÄNDIGEN treat these practices as their instruments.

They are always ready to embark upon a voyage.

DIE UNBÄNDIGEN work in a mobile laboratory, from which they look at the world and collect, investigate and map heterogeneous materials (images, movements, sounds, stories, songs). Checking their vibrations, DIE UNBÄNDIGEN stay in touch with traces of collective memories and react to the present time of crisis and doubt. Charted on A6 index cards, these materials form a shared songbook prompting new languages and scores for performance. As an oracle of sorts, these cards vehicle the imagination into different spaces, where desire may thrive and the unexpected emerge. Gestures migrate, cultural codes find new configurations.

DIE UNBÄNDIGEN are a motley crowd, an expanding band with their own rituals and folklore. They are inspired by free jazz artists that created their own unruly mythologies, such as sun ra or the art ensemble of chicago, or by the ethnographic drive in maya deren’s experimental films. As an improbable community, DIE UNBÄNDIGEN celebrate the possibilities of creating songs and dances together, eventually moving into the theatre to share their artistic and social experiments and give them wider resonance.