pass.age | concert & performance
David Ender, Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer

20th of March, 21.00 | zentrale.jetzt

 ist ein performatives Musikstück, das David Ender und Jack Hauser im Mozartsaal des Wiener Konzerthauses innerhalb eines Festivals der Modernen Musik 1991 einmalig aufführten. Sie haben nun vom Mitschnitt eine Doppel-Langspielplatte als Prototyp hergestellt.
Miss Coochie träumt ist eine performative Praxis von Sabina Holzer. Seit 2009 performt sie immer wieder diese sich entschreibende Körperschrift in der Kleidung Miss Coochies.

David Ender: music.text.performance
Jack Hauser: media.text.performance

Sabina Holzer: body.text.performance

Zentrale – Raum für Klang und Prozesskunst
Neulerchenfelderstraße 52, 1160 Wien


Künstlerischen Forschung zum poetischen Körper | Artistic Research
Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer & Esther Strauss
29th of April till 1st May and 3rd till 6th of June, 2019

Labor Improvisation (working titel)
Initiated by Raul Maia and Elisabeth Ward with
Sabina Holzer, Otto Ramstad, Linda Samaraweerová and Lina Venegas
13th – 25th of May, 2019
Tanzquartier Wien

Making Kin (working titel)
Festival and Artistic Research
Alfred Lenz, Anita Kaya, Michael Hirsch, Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, Claudia Heu,
Lisa Hinterreithner, Kilian Jörg & guests

27th – 30th of May, 2019
Schikaneder Kino in collaboration with Im_flieger

I miss my body | Intervention
Concept: Esther Strauß
2nd till 6th of September, 2019
Tarrenz, Tirol



| Yoga Morning Practice

Open Level
Every Tuesday, 9.30 – 10.45
15th of Jan. 2010 – 30th of April
With elements of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga we train the deep muscles (pelvic floor, psoas, lower back) to strengthen the body’s support. 
Essential to this form of yoga is the movement of the wave, for an efficient release of tension, which we support with a  fierce bonfire breath. We will work on unfolding the different positions mindfully and specifically. By connecting with the support of the ground, we build up strength and open lower back and hips to rise and shine in our capacities as we transform and develop on all levels.

Photo: Franzi Kreis

Morning Training

Advanced Level
Every Thursday, 9.30. – 10.30
15th of Jan. – 25th of April 2019
I prepared some new elements to build up strength and good energy to carry us through the winter and prepare for spring. We will connect the heart with our core and look for ways to open the shoulder and neck regions to support our grounding and growing!
Tanzquartier Wien