Verwandeln – Verkleiden
IKFKPK – Institut für künstlerischen Forschung zur Körperpoesie der Kindheit

Körperpoetische Performance with Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, Marie Strauß

„We put on the garments of the night. In the offsides the traces glows brightly. Only those who stray from the path are transformed; only those who transform fall from the path.“

When: 27.09., 19.00 – 20.00
Where: Wilhelm-Greil-Str. 23, 6020 Innsbruck
BRUX / Freies Theater Innsbruck
Single inlet, free admission!

The Institut für künstlerischen Forschung zur Körperpoesie der Kindheit was founded in 2018 by Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer and Esther Strauß. Freely adapted from Claude Lévi-Strauss, the institute is dedicated to wild research. It understands the process not as the shortest possible path to the work, but as the actual event. Research means not knowing, means not yet knowing and the desire to know in the game.

Curated, produced and organzed by Vorbrenner & cattravelsnotalone.

Dare & Care – Shared Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Practice
Every Tuesday 6th. – 27th Oct.2020

9.30 – 10.45 CSV Yoga // 11.00 – 12.00 afterdance
-> We explore the sensations of the CSV practice through movement and free writing.

Where: Im_flieger, Bräuhausgasse 40/Souterrain, 1050 Wien
open level // pay as you wish
Please register: cattravels@silverserver.at
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® is a mindful and invigorating yoga, where the breath is paramount for all positions. The asanas are build up and realigned with each breath. Therefor it is an transitional training: not the final shape is most important, but the journey towards it. Through activating the Core Strength Meridian we build up up stamina and spark changes and confidence from deep inside the body. We connect to our support from the ground, while training the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, psoas and lower back. That way we explore the spaces in and around us, our expressions and prepare for our dances through the day.

4 training units // please come mandatory
Registration: cattravels@silverserver.at
The required safety distance is maintained. There are mats that will be disinfected together before and after. Own material can be brought. Please come a little earlier so that it can start on time. (The mats have to dry for a few minutes).

Maximum 8 persons


Workshop on Choreography

30th Sept. till 2nd Oct. 2020 @ SEAD

[hmm] – howls & murmurs for endangered futures
Workshop Version
Sabina Holzer with Elisabeth Schäfer and Conny Scheuer

GlobArt Academy @ Reactor Zwentendorf
31. of October
Please register: GLOBART
Contact: Helena Kersting
Phone: +43 676 841 090 333


SIB – systemic and integrational bodywork | individual sessions
SIB – (systemische und integrative Bewegungslehre®) a body and perception training, which combines knowledge and practice from Feldenkrais‘ functional integration with solution-oriented and systemic-therapeutic methods.

Contact me any time for questions & individual treatments: cattravels@silverserver.at

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® (founded by Sadie Nardini) is a mindful and invigorating yoga that incorporates pilates and release techniques in the execution of asanas. In this yoga we combine our breath especially effectively with the flow of movement. The focus is on the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, psoas and lower back. I prepare different focuses depending on the occaisions.
(Teaching@Im_flieger, Tanzquartier Wien, sead – Salzburg Experimantal Academy of Dance, a.o.)