which zones by Sabina Holzer / cattravelsnotalone. Photo S.Bechinger, © Sabina Holzer

The fragile state of the earth, the immense consumption of resources in some parts of the planet and the resulting climate change ask for expanded narratives on how we can deal with this existential threat to our common living conditions.
which dances – which writes. Aluminium Assemblages brings together contributions dedicated to the resistant practice of wanting to tell new stories in dark times. The texts explore the glittering, reflective, high-energy, poisonously luxurious compounds of aluminium. Aluminium is the metal most commonly found on earth. It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it, but at the same time the production of aluminium is tremendously energy-intensive and the red sludge produced during its production is highly toxic. which dances – which writes. Aluminium Assemblages describes an artistic research of a choreographic assemblage. In the contributions to the volume, the production and consumption of aluminium are recycled in a poetic, reflective way in order to give the interwoven co-existence of the human and the non-human new assemblages, assemblages, in language.


SIB® – systemic and integrative bodywork | Individual Sessions
SIB – (systemische und integrative Bewegungslehre®) a body and perception training, which combines knowledge and practice from Feldenkrais‘ functional integration with solution-oriented and systemic-therapeutic methods.
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Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® (ONGOING)
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® (founded by Sadie Nardini) is a mindful and invigorating yoga with special approaches to the breath and the Asana in order to stimulate or core strength meridian to enhance our well-being, immune system, self-care and much more. In this yoga we combine our breath especially effectively with the flow of movement. The focus is on the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, psoas and lower back.
(Teaching experience: Im_flieger, Tanzquartier Wien, sead – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, ImPulsTanzWien a.o.)

I prepare different focuses depending on the occasions & give one to one sessions.

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