SciFi Lullaby // Sabina Holzer (AT)

Wed 19. & Thu 20. 12. 2018 // 15.00 / 17.00 / 19.00
Bräuhausgasse 40/Souterrain, 1050 Wien (U4 Pilgramgasse)
Research-Performance / first tunes // pay as you wish

Foto: Sabina Holzer

For Sabina Holzer, writing means to touch and shape the world and thus to be touched and shaped through it. The creativity and agility that is often assigned only to the human intellect is actually examined on the immediate level of sensory perception. What is a writing that blurs the boundaries between day, night, light, dark, human, non-human, death and living? What are the traces that leaves such a writing? And how do they flow through the bodies and spaces? SciFi Lullaby searches for these tracks and invites the visitors to connect with them in a first tuning.

Concept: Sabina Holzer
Translation and Performance: Jack Hauser & Sabina Holzer

Each performance is limited to 7 persons. Please register before under: imflieger@gmail.com

… „Writing is self-expropriation and self-emptying. The subject gives way to its void. There is a subject after the death of the subject, there has always been.“ (Marcus Steinweg)

Thanks to: Agnese Krivade, Rayen Mitrovich Paniagua, Angela Stoecklin und idocde, dem Team von durch:formen / Architektur Haus Kärnten; Stoffwechsel – Ökologien der Zusammenarbeit und Jeannot Schwarz / Extra-Raum.

after too much | Research Labor
Mo 19. – Do 22.11.2018

With Jack Hauser, Claudia Heu, Lisa Hinterreithner, Michael Hirsch, Sabina Holzer, Kilian Jörg, Anita Kaya, Alfred Lenz
Conception: Lisa Hinterreithner (A)
As part of  WORK, ART & A GOOD LIFE conception & curation by Anita Kaya (AT)

Lecture & discussion | Open Lab
Mi 21.11. 19.00 // doing nothing – what for?
Lecture dialogue by Michael Hirsch and Kilian Jörg
free entrance
Bräuhausgasse 40/Souterrain, 1050 Wien (U4 Pilgramgasse)


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