Injected in this space, the space injects. Time extends in multiple layers woven by frames and agreements. Potentials, possibilities. And all what is around. Permeations. How will they unfold, be performed, perform themselves emerge, disappear, stay. In which way? Traces, tales, remains, callings for a be-coming.

Figures and schemes. Shapes to listen to. Little and big ones. Shadows, colors and things.
Tensities. Steps and edges. Walls and wholes. Cold warm shines. Breath hardness touching concrete. Stone melting sliding bodies. Disruptions. Bright shining songs. Tensions. Geometry in orange. Radiations. Participating particles, partners of all sorts. Hello, suit, blue, black, white shadows between the words. Hello, mobil woman, forever space. Forever fiction. Forever so real. Hello, film, memory shared silence window walk and talk. Hello, human reaching, folding arms and hands. Hello, repeating walk recorder. Hello, salamander, peaceful playful skin soul. Hello, dog, relieving my blind I. You don’t bark and run away but sit down, to cause a pause. Fury protector
warm flesh. Hello, death impenetrable border, you wall to lean against sliding stumbling falling. Hello, clicking and ticking melodies. Ever changing lady your cat call touch the soles of my feet.

Encounters, entanglements, persistent performance: humans (and non humans) that act and construct. Cultures. Translate, to travel aesthetically, to a practice of inaesthetic.
Coming becoming together here. Researching, joining. Accomplices somehow. Partners in crime. An accumulation of a different kind. Embraced by the conception of this INJECTION. This notion of the GLORIOUS WEIRDNESS OF ART & COSMIC: LIVE. A hyperbolic collection in any case: installations, exchanges of all kind. Interventions, sounds and songs. Talks — who speaks?

Readings. Resting and dreaming. Kitchen cooking popping up. Networks, projects, brainwaves. Sensorial receptions. Time spending, passing. Lingering and acting. And being with. Engagements that follow a singular notion. Necessities. Inevitably infused by the environment in which they take place. Space is the place. Cut realty in realty. Ears behind what you do. Use to writing. Things or montage. Put them together. Be sage. Do it for your to you. Take your own material of anyone. Thoughts don’t belong to own and you or anybody aims to set the world to spin. The words of a potent ripple of meanings whin (sic) they were struck and posed to liberate and participate with the given situation at the same time. Search. It is so dark here in this search.

For material that make no noise to touch what is neither living or dead. All often too loud, too rapid, too sure. Searching for the movement of shadows. Between the material words. Incommunicable, hidden, silent (laughter). Subject without subjectivity, ghosts. Contaminations, coincidences unknown.

The critical approach here does not go without the undecidable which works it from in turn. Without relation of uncertainty that slips away from what would be an act of taking. Bodies expose themselves. Between the fibers of the muscles. Between the molecules. Some insides saturates to the outside and keeps escaping further. Deeper into the abyss that is. The abyss travels the surface. Chasms.

Yet, to whom is it addressed? This art in practice? This temporary zone? This question has to be asked, it exists. Just go all the way to beyond the possibilities of the operation. Go unconsciously. We are here to loose. We agreed, subjectively and quietly: We do not perform this mainly for others. That does not mean the others are not important. S/he is free. S/he will come or s/he will not come. We don’t know who it is. What it is. Of course. One performs and constructs for others. And the first other is oneself.

So: visitors and strangers, welcome! The wind and the night! And the morning! Join these enacted announcements of be-coming. Be paradox. Be and come at the same time. Be and come, somewhen later and in the next moment. Have been for ever and one day. Come again. Intuitively anticipate past and future. Involve in that agency which is not passing clear and efficient informations. Open a realm of different qualities. Join the incommensurable, the singularities, the fictions. The unbearable, the enchanted, the riddle. Be invited and invite to become a stranger (again). Let’s not share the same language (the same discourse). Let’s care about encouragements like: admit distance, appropriation, resistance. Witness practices, read situations, touch strangers.
Within this trans-verbal languages don't pretend a presentation, claim a co-existence. Come, circle around and spend some time. Enter these dances (without romances). Approach carefully. Get touched and become engaged.

This is a dream of course. To be. To come. To be. And one can only give while dreaming. And one can only dream of giving. And even so must the unchangeable have the unchangeable grace in certain dreams. And even so one must know to dream.

Sabina Holzer, November 2016 for A BOOK IS HERE.
Edited  by Daniel Aschwanden, Jack Hauser and David Ender