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approaching myself as a stranger

- to investigate what she can change in her own thinking
by approaching and trying out alien knowledge -

Text and performance: Sabina Holzer
Space and advise: Jack Hauser
Input: Elke Krasny
Production: cattravelsnotalone

With kind support: Wien Kultur, ttpWUK, identity, Toxic Dreams, Im_flieger

Photo: Jack Hauser

approaching myself as a stranger

is an attempt at alien knowledge,
a quest for the ability to change one’s one way of thinking.

A plan to approximate the life/ experience of women from the arab countries;
an exploriation of the city of vienna by visting arab, muslim institutions and associations;
a soliloquy with arab feminist literature & theory;
an entanglement of familiar, unfamiliar, ancient and current matters;
a collage of deliberations and invocations (because nothing else works).

In the texture of different voices and symbols, religious and political matters, things told and things imagined developed by Sabina Holzer,
the distance to the other, failure to understand becomes its potential. A possibility to follow the momentary logic of poetry and to subvert
premature images and definitions of alienness – directly and personally yet keeping distance.

Soundtracks: „Asshak - Tales from the desert"; „Egypt Revolution Techno Song“
Emel Mathlouti, Om Kaltoum, Muezzin 15th district Vienna.
Used texts sources of: Kathy Acker, Miral al Tahawi, Christina von Braun, Assia Djdebar, Jean Luc Nancy.

With best thanks for discussions, exchange and inspiration to Deniz Aygün, Sabile Rasiti, Roswitha Irran, Rachid Boutayeb,
Franziska Tillmann, Frédéric Gies.

approaching myself as a stranger was premiered and shown at
WUK / Projectspace ('11)
Tanzquartier Vienna / in the frame of „Under Protest" ('12)
Graz ttz ('12)