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M1+1 is a research project of artists from different disciplines to create and share a temporary art space
for poetic jointventures in visual arts, media art, performance and text.

M1+1 was initiated from the desire to formulate a connection and an activity,
which has been going on in various collaborations between Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer,
Sabine Maier and Michael Mastrototaro in different projects since 2003.

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new y(work) / little odessa 2008

The practice of M1+1 evolves around the theme of duplication.But here it is a duplication of activities.
The duplication of activities is in relation to certain materials. These materials can be movies, images,
literature or art history, which are appropriated through an interdisciplinary art practice and there for variates.

M1+1 does re-enactments of film scenes, traces fictions in cities, creates textures from dreams,
drifts into dances, uses philosophy to juice up the daily routine, is intrigued by Jean-Luc Godard
(and yes is admitting, there is definitely: sympathy for the devil.).

Traveling as a tool for production is an important factor. It is a practical and direct way to evoke an
extraordinary situation, in which the artist as a creator is a stranger and has to negotiate and
cooperate with the environment in order to make her and his purpose (= wish) possible.

In this way M1+1 relates to the practice of improvisation. The activities are always in close relation
to the given situation, architecture, cultural environment and at the same time poetic cut ups as interventions.

M1+1 ads an image to an existing image, as it is done during the montage of a film or in a collage.
Immaterial operations become visual material. The treatment of the material becomes art sculpture.
Everything is material that is becoming.

M1+1Revisted by Sabina Holzer & Michael Mastrototaro | Text ('17)


M1+1 at Nitranska Gallerie ('14)

M1+1at intermedia festival
festival ('11)

M1+1 at festival intermedia bb


M1+1 at Wohnung Miryam van Doren
while „Die letzte Vorstellung" by Jack Hauser ('11)


Jack Hauser (with M1+1)
Triennale lLinz 1.0. Gegenwartskunst in Österreich
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz ('10)


M1+1 in Nau Coclea / Sp ('10)
Have a look: Tauchgang: port bou


M1+1 in New York ('08)
Have a look:
magical squares
M 1+1
new w(y)ork
new y(w)work
machfeld one plus one_1