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LIVE - a fictionautic Intervention
WUK Vienna ('08)
Lentos Museum for Modern Art ('07)
Tanzquartier Wien ('07)

Supported by Stadt Wien/Kultur, bmu:kk, Tanzquartier Wien

Narrated and performed stories are brought back as a pop-cultural matrix of fantasies,
which from a journey to Spain and Morocco adapt to the phantasmagories
of tourism as well as their absence.

Traveling as translation of desire.
Traveling as migration.
Traveling as transformation.
Traveling as dreaming
Traveling through various media.
Traveling as an art practice.


LIVE - the movie
A journey is a film, a performance, a concert, a life in which fate and free will are identical.
The performer and the performed, own and alien things, the invented and the evolved
interweave. And in the optical apparatus “cinema“ the site of dreams is combined with the
active imagination by the turn of a switch.

LIVE - the movie was filmed in Marocco ('06)
Artistic direction: Jack Hauser
Video: Sabina Holzer, Jack Hauser
Appearance: Paul Sernine & Miss Coochie
Video editing: machfeld, Jack Hauser
Sound: Martin Siewert, Jack Hauser
Duration : 34 min.

Supported by Stadt Wien/Kultur, bmu:kk, Tanzquartier Wien

Paul Sernine & Miss Coochie, Marocco as a "lover´s dialoge" in Alphaville (Jean-Luc Godard / 1965)