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*Jack Hauser & Sabina Holzer

+Space and film: Jack Hauser
+ Text and sound: Sabina Holzer
+ Artistic friend: Philipp Gehmacher

+ Supported by: City of Vienna
+ Co-production: cattravelsnotalone and Tanzquartier Wien

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+ Photos: Jack Hauser

+ »Our existence in the world involves the need to find a logic that makes it possible for us
+ to deal with the fact that at the same time we are observing the world,
+ we are the subject and live in it, that is, that we are part of the world.«
+ (Felix Guattari)

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.............+ Photo: Jack Hauser

+ Tanzquartier Wien / Mediathek
+ Text

+ DER DIE DAS is an écriture as a space-time machine in which the materials become the speakers,
+ in which Holzer and Hauser question the dichotomies that plague Western thought patterns:
+ subject / object, observers / observed, nature / culture, male / female, materiality /
+ discourse, matter / meaning, past / future, space / time, something / nothing.

+ DER DIE DAS invites visitors into a room with a table and chair.
+ What else is necessary to liven up a place?
+ Noises, movements, pictures. Presences and absences.
+ Fantastic stories will arise out of them.
+ Sentences as we know them from philosophers and trashy novels catapult us
+ into what we are seeing with our own eyes but cannot quite grasp.
+ Don’t we rather orientate ourselves with our skin?
+ With what has got under our skin?
+ Bodies. Spirits. Connections. Languages. Knowledge. Desire. The other.
+ Textures. Oscillations. Perceptions that are marked by specific histories and images.
+ From childhood, for example.
+ And other patterns of dominance.
+ Materials that convey themselves and through other media, interlock, overlayer, disappear and develop
+ their own poetry.

+ Based on breaks in self definition, Holzer and Hauser want to move,
+ appeal for the cultivation of dissent
+ and find that they have to oppose something to the infantilising capitalist consensus.
+ How can they do that? And what role to they have in this process?

+ Materials: Simone Forti, Karen Barad, Felix Guattari, La Monte Young, Gilles Deleuze,
+ Dennis Hopper, Heinz von Foerster,
Jean Luc Godard