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Performance | Lecture | Object
Jack Hauser & Sabina Holzer

Space and film: Jack Hauser
Text and sound: Sabina Holzer

Artistic friend: Philipp Gehmacher

Supported by: City of Vienna
Co-production: cattravelsnotalone and Tanzquartier Wien

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Photos: Jack Hauser

»Our existence in the world involves the need to find a logic that makes it possible for us
to deal with the fact that at the same time we are observing the world,
we are the subject and live in it, that is, that we are part of the world.«
(Felix Guattari)


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Photo: Jack Hauser

Tanzquartier Wien / Mediathek

DER DIE DAS is an écriture as a space-time machine in which the materials become the speakers,
in which Holzer and Hauser question the dichotomies that plague Western thought patterns:
subject / object, observers / observed, nature / culture, male / female, materiality /
discourse, matter / meaning, past / future, space / time, something / nothing.

DER DIE DAS invites visitors into a room with a table and chair.
What else is necessary to liven up a place?
Noises, movements, pictures. Presences and absences.
Fantastic stories will arise out of them.
Sentences as we know them from philosophers and trashy novels catapult us
into what we are seeing with our own eyes but cannot quite grasp.
Don’t we rather orientate ourselves with our skin?
With what has got under our skin?
Bodies. Spirits. Connections. Languages. Knowledge. Desire. The other.
Textures. Oscillations. Perceptions that are marked by specific histories and images.
From childhood, for example.
And other patterns of dominance.
Materials that convey themselves and through other media, interlock, overlayer, disappear and develop their own poetry.

Based on breaks in self definition, Holzer and Hauser want to move,
appeal for the cultivation of dissent
and find that they have to oppose something to the infantilising capitalist consensus.
How can they do that? And what role to they have in this process?

Materials: Simone Forti, Karen Barad, Felix Guattari, La Monte Young, Gilles Deleuze, Dennis Hopper, Heinz von Foerster, Jean Luc Godard